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Lower monthly payments

little or no down payment

more expensive car for less money

more cash available for other purchase

sales tax paid over the lease term

poss tax benefits- check w acct

Car Financing For Bad Credit



  All Makes/ All Models

Auto Leasing or Financing Your Way

Lenders compete for your business

WELCOME to AUTOTERM-USA. We lease all makes and models of vehicles. The popularity of leasing has increased in recent years due to economic conditions. Consider leasing your next vehicle and drive the car of your dreams.


Simple Interest leases/loans

High or Low mileage Leases

Corporate & Fleet Leases

Early trade-in privileges

New & used lease programs




Financing also available for Bad Credit, Including  Bankruptcies, Judgements, chargeoffs, and late payments.  We also have programs for multiple autos for same person... You need to set the time to sit with us and learn the best way to enhance your credit so you can get lower interest rate loans

auto                  leasing

Leasing a Car is a Big Deal.  But shouldn't There be an easier way?

We admit it.  Not everyone should lease their car.  For those who want to lease, the journey can be frustrating. And confusing. Not to mention downright intimidating.  We can customize for your needs and budget.  All done smoothly, easily, with no hassle and complete disclosure.  

And guess what?  You didn't even go to the dealership.

​If this process fits your needs, we'd love to get to know you.

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AUTOTERM-USA leasing offers virtually every competitive lease program in the USA.  We will search all of our available sources for the best lease available for the vehicle you want.  We are limited purchasing vehicles in one city.  We offer more than 25 programs to get the vhicle you have been Dreaming about.

We have many resources to get any vehicle that you want.  We can get vehicles locally, but if necessary we can go anywhere in the Continental United States to locate a vehicle that you want.  You just need to contact us and discuss your situation.