All cars and commercial vehicles have a coolant / heating system which engine efficiency and passenger heating compartments depend upon. During cold climates, engines which run cold will often use additional fuel, and your engine life may be substantially decreased if it doesn't run at the optimal working temperature.


AUTOTERM's Flow 5D / 5B liquid heater provides the perfect solution. It is designed to pre-heat engine blocks throughout your coolant system. This increases fuel efficiency and prevents your engine from running cold- ultimately extending the age of your engine as a result. Heat provided to the passenger compartment is dependent on the temperature of your coolant system; therefore the AUTOTERM Flow 5D / 5B is also capable of heating your passenger compartment and defrosting your windows while the engine is turned off. 


AUTOTERM's Air 4D air heater is ideal for cargo compartments which transport moisture-sensitive or temperature-sensitive products. This 4 kW (13,000 BTU) heating system produces hot air which can be set to your desired temperature using our PU-27 control panel which features a built-in thermostat.



Other Vehicles

You can easily provide additional heating to special vehicles (cranes, tractors, snowploughs, ambulances) with AUTOTERM's Air series air heaters which exhibit heating power from 2 kW - 8 kW (6,800 BTU- 25,000 BTU) or AUTOTERM's Flow heaters which provide heating power from 5 kW - 14 kW (17,000 BTU- 49,000 BTU).


Benefits of AUTOTERM heating systems: 

  • Provides warmth and comfort year-round in your cabin

  • Air heaters reduce humidity which prevents mold growth

  • Air heaters eliminate bacteria and keep your cabin smelling fresh

  • You can preheat your vehicle before you arrive 

  • Low noise level, low fuel consumption 

  • Reliable operation in low temperatures (down to -45 ° C / -49 ° F)

  • Equipped with self-diagnostic technology