Committed to Safety

Our greatest priority at Autoterm is keeping you safe so you can focus on getting to your desired destinations!

We are determined to provide you with the absolute safest and most effective heating systems in the world. Each and every heater undergoes a myriad of safety and efficiency tests including: fuel pump testing, burner testing, electrical testing, rigorous safety check testing and the like to ensure you and your family's safety. We uphold international quality standards and our rather long list of OEM partners have relied on our safety standards for their fellow consumers for almost 20 years now. We are relentless on updating our safety testing standards year-round and pride ourselves on our track record.

Rest assured that your family will be safe while operating our rigorously tested heating systems. We do advise you to arrange a certified Autoterm technician to handle each and every installation with any one of our air heater systems, liquid heater systems or parts. This is the ultimate method of ensuring the highest safety standards for you and your family. Click here to find a technician near you.


International Quality Standards

We believe that upholding internationally recognized quality standards are key to ensuring the safety of our consumers. In doing so, we obtained the IATF 16949 certification in 2016 and the ISO 9001 certification in 2015. This is only the beginning as we will continue to certify our heater systems with reputable organizations for as long as we are in operation. 


Find a Dealer

Make sure you install your heating system correctly with one of our certified Autoterm technicians. Click here to find a technician near you.


Warranty terms

For autonomous heaters manufactured by LLC ADVERS and accessories provided by LLC Autoterm we provide a 24-month manufacturer's warranty.

All replacement parts are warranted to be free from defects in material and / or workmanship for six months from the date of sale or the remainder of the original warranty period on the heater, whichever is longer, proof of purchase need to be submitted together with the warranty claim.

The warranty terms of exploitation of heater outflows under reaching one of the following terms:

  • the terms of exploitation attained 24 months from the date of purchase of the heater.
  • the warranty resource to all air heaters 2000 working hours;
  • the warranty resource to engine liquid pre-heaters 1000 working hours.

If not reported within 14 days from the time of purchase, manufacturer does not accept any claims on incompleteness and mechanical damages after sale of heater.

Warranty is valid from the moment a certified service or specialist by Autoterm has registered heater with warranty certificate.

If installation was done by end-user or uncertified specialist, it must be / inspected by Autoterm certified specialist.

To register warranty, original purchase evidence (purchase receipt, invoice) must be shown to a certified service at the time of registration of the warranty.

The intent of the Autoterm warranty is to protect the original end-user of the heater from defects and provide free repair and replacement of defective parts in the manner provided herein.

During the warranty period, the exclusive remedy will be for Autoterm, at their discretion, to repair or replace those parts if they are defective in material or workmanship.

The warranty does not apply to defects resulting from:

  • improper installation, which is not in accordance with valid, supplied installation instructions or approved OEM applications.
  • force majeure: lightning strike, fire, flood, voltage fluctuations, accident;
  • transport damages;
  • exploitation, storage and transporting;
  • repair or adjusting, if they are conducted by the organizations, not authorized by AUTOTERM on installation of the heater and warranty repairing;
  • independent repair of heater or use of spare parts not approved by original manufacturer;
  • use of wrong voltage;
  • Failure of the heater due to combustion chamber impurity;

While warranty is provided to the “original end-user”, it is to be administered and serviced through an authorized Autoterm dealer in accordance with the heaters warranty terms.

Normal wear of service parts: (filters, gaskets, glow plug screens and fuses are not covered by warranty)


With the warranty case it is possible to apply to any official partner of Autoterm company. The warranty ONLY covers manufacturer's defects; the warranty does not apply if the ordered part has been incorrectly, unprofessionally mounted or used, as well as in case of use of a poor quality fuel and another intentional or unintentional failure of the buyer / user.

The definition of the warranty case is carried out by LLC Autotherm or authorized dealers or, in the event of failure to contact the dealer.