Recreational Vehicles


AUTOTERM Air Heating Systems

AUTOTERM Air 2D  -   for Class B & C motorhomes and trailers under 20 feet

AUTOTERM Air 4D  -   for Class A motorhomes and trailers 20 feet + 


AUTOTERM Liquid Heating Systems

AUTOTERM Flow 5D  -   for recreational vehicles with water heating systems up to 4.5 gallons (17 liters)

AUTOTERM Flow 14D  -   for recreational vehicles with water heating systems up to 8 gallons (30 liters)


Specifically designed for class B and C motorhomes | Diesel / Gasoline fired heating 


Timberline System

The Timberline System is a special collaboration introduced by Elwell Corporation and Autoterm. It is a 5kw (17,000 BTU) compact heater which runs off of diesel or gasoline fuel. It provides the capability of not only heating the air in your RV / trailer, but it also allows you to simultaneously heat your vehicles water system as well! Look out for our Timberline system in Winnebago's 2021 line of Revels. Click here  for more details. 


Quiet Power

Timberline heat and hot water is generated by the Autoterm Binar Compact, a powerful but quiet diesel or gasoline heating unit made for the most adverse conditions. A heated glycol solution is circulated through the interior of the living space through quiet air handlers that provide soft radiant heat. The glycol is also circulated through an instantaneous water heat exchanger which produces hot water for showers and kitchen use. By using the diesel or gasoline burner coupled with 110V electric element support, Timberline provides efficient comfort whether dry camping or plugged into shore power. When the RV is cold the fans run on high until the interior temperature starts to reach it's target.The fans then automatically slow down and remain on low levels, maintaining the comfort levels inside.


Innovative Touchscreen

The Timberline touchscreen digital panel located inside the RV gives you full control of your interior temperature. The controls are intuitive and easily allow you to adjust how hard or soft you want the heat to distribute and whether you want to utilize your fuel source or electric only.  


Other Vehicles

You can easily provide additional heating to special vehicles with AUTOTERM's Air series air heaters which exhibit heating power from 2 kw - 8 kW (6,800 BTU- 25,000 BTU) or AUTOTERM's Flow heaters which provide heating power from 5 kW - 14 kW (17000 BTU- 49,000 BTU). 


Benefits of AUTOTERM heating systems: 

  • Provides warmth and comfort year-round in your cabin
  • Air heaters reduce humidity which prevents mold growth
  • Air heaters eliminate bacteria and keep your cabin smelling fresh
  • You can preheat your RV or trailer before you arrive 
  • Low noise level, low fuel consumption (Max - 0.24 l / h)
  • Reliable operation in low temperatures (down to -45 ° C / -49 ° F)
  • Equipped with self-diagnostic technology